40+ Years of Market Experience ...

.Glen's experience as a producer, hedger, analyst, broker, instructor and full-time trader gives him numerous advantages. As a nationally - and internationally-acclaimed speaker, he also has the ability to teach "students" so they can apply it! He is considered by his peers to be "one of the nation's top futures analysts."


Aren't you tired of the "make-a-million-dollars-in-one-trade" offers? Are you skeptical that the latest system will make you "a thousand percent return" as they claim? You should be!


Glen is not a broker nor is he affiliated with a brokerage service. His analysis is not influenced by how much commission it generates. This unique stance allows him great freedom to view the markets without that bias.

Unique Perspective

Like one of his mentors, W.D. Gann, Glen believes in trends and the seasonality of markets. And more and more, he believes markets are living, breathing organisms. And as with any living being, there is a life cycle -- complete with long-term repeating patterns. (It is not uncommon for him to look at a decade-long trend or refer to the 1930s or 1890s as the "last time this pattern has occurred.") It is a "unique" perspective, but it explains much of what others only throw up their hands in defeat at. Glen sees himself to be a "student of market behavior"-- and as a student, one who continues to learn and grow and change as the facts and trends and patterns present themselves.

Techniques to help YOU help yourself

Traders should be able to make their own decisions! That may seem too obvious - but many analysts don't act like it. Glen believes trading is and is wisely treated as an "individual sport within a team setting." You compete mostly against yourself (operating within your trading plan) while respecting what is going on around you (trends, fundamentals, trading system, etc.) and capitalizing on it.

Glen Ring is the complete package!...He knows what it takes to be a winning trader.

– Tom Bierovic, Author and former Learning Center Director, Omega Research, Miami, FL

Glen is the most honest commodity speaker (and teacher) I have ever met.

– R.H., St. Genevieve, MO

I started the year with $135,000 in my trading account and ended the year with $330,000 thanks to Glen's newsletters, seminars and videotapes.

– R.E., Fresno, CA

Glen makes this stuff EASY to understand.

– T.E., Williamsburg, IA

I have known Glen Ring for over 10 years. He is a skilled technician and very honest.

– Bill M. Williams, Ph.D. Author and CTA, Profitunity Trading Group, Texas City, TX

Glen explains the market in simple and understandable terms that will expand your trading opportunities.

– R.L., Kansas

Glen's Market Master Workshop was well worth the investment.

– J. M., Boulder, CO

Glen's teaching should be required for all new traders.

– B.N., Texas

View on Futures is the best newsletter I have ever received in my 28 years of commodity trading.

– D.S., San Diego, CA

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