About Glen

Glen Ring is one of the nation's most respected market analysts. With 30 years in the commodity industry, he brings a broad-based perspective to his work. Glen has been a producer/hedger, broker, trader, technical analyst, researcher, seminar speaker and newsletter editor. From 1987 through 1997 he was editor of the successful Trends In Futures newsletter. In 1997, he decided to “strike out” on his own and produce his own newsletter.

Glen is president of Glen Ring Enterprises, which focuses on providing information, education, research and support for traders, analysts, and other participants in the futures industry. Glen produces the biweekly View On Futures newsletter and the View On Futures daily update as well as many other educational products for people interested in the commodities and futures markets.

Glen is well known for his ability to take complex and advanced issues and present them in easy-to-understand terms. He has conducted seminars across the United States and in Europe. Glen is consistently ranked as one of the top speakers at major conferences. His videos and seminars have been well received.

Glen facilitates marketing clubs for farmers in east central and northeast Iowa. Having been born and raised on a farm in western South Dakota, he brings a down-home approach to his business.

Glen is a graduate of South Dakota State University and he and his family now make their home in the Cedar Falls, IA area.

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