Educational Products

The foundation of Glen's services.

Although it is technically a biweekly product*, the View On Futures newsletter is typically produced weekly. Your "scouting report" includes eight pages of insight, analysis, teaching and more every other week*. Helping you spot just one good trade - or "saving" you from a "bad" trade - could "pay" for years of Glen's scouting services. The View On Futures newsletter includes in-depth insight from Glen. (A "staff" does not write it.) Each issue is packed with valuable information and views - providing clarity and insight on current events and challenges facing the marketplace. In addition to the valuable "head's up" you get from the "scouting report," Glen strongly believes in providing on-going education - which you will find woven into the analysis. Glen's mission is to help you help yourself. This helps you to know why a "warning" or "alert" has been issued. But to understand the "why," Glen provides insight into how markets function and shares how various tools can be applied - at the "right" time and for the "right" purpose. The View On Futures newsletter is available via e-mail or fax. Most readers chose e-mail delivery (in crisp PDF format) for convenience and clarity - as color helps make key chart points stand out. *When market conditions warrant, which is common in the current environment, Glen regularly splits the biweekly issue into two four-page weekly installments.

Want to keep up on "breaking" events - and which markets Glen has in his "sights" today?!?!

When you just "can't wait" for Glen's weekly (or biweekly*) "scouting report." you will want to read his View On Futures Daily Update. Glen provides a commentary about the importance of the day's action, insightful analysis and alerts you to "red flag" situations and threats. He also allows you to take a "look over his shoulder" as he shares potential trades - including where he plans to place orders and stops. Though the View On Futures Daily Update is not meant to be a complete trading service, it allows you to see how a professional with over 40 years of experience approaches markets and creates would-be strategies as he "stalks" potential opportunities. Here, too, if it brings just one more "good" opportunity to your attention - or alerts you to a threat you had not spotted, this "scouting report" could pay for itself for years to come! The View On Futures newsletter and View On Futures Daily Update are designed to be complimentary services. Neither is dependent on the other - and either can stand alone. But you'll want both - as the View On Futures biweekly newsletter helps you to better understand the context of would-be trades and other information found in the View On Futures Daily Update.

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